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The Offshore Vessel Inspection Database (“OVID”) has been developed by the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF).


The aim of OVID is to provide a robust web based inspection tool and database of inspection reports; this will be underpinned with professional, trained and accredited inspectors.  In the long term it is an aspiration that OVID will form a tool that is central to the selection and assurance of offshore vessels complimented by an Offshore Vessel Management Self Assessment (OVMSA) protocol that will inform Oil Company assurance teams of the capabilities of the vessel/unit managing organisation. 


I became a fully Accredited OVID Inspector in Aberdeen on the 17-18th August 2010.


The launch of OVID is the culmination of more than 2 years’ work by an extensive group of oil company assurance practitioners, experienced offshore operatives, inspection companies and ship operators.  The development process was completed in December 09 with a trial inspection of an anchor handler in Aberdeen. 


OVID has been designed to provide a number of positive benefits to OCIMF/OGP Members and vessel managers.  By utilising a database where inspection reports are available to OVID participating members, experience has demonstrated that inspection numbers will drop over time.  Assurance checks as a part of the chartering process may be speeded up as the assurance personnel have access instantly to credible information on the vessel and its safety performance.   


More information and details on how to register for the programme are available at OVID’s website.

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